Baby Signing Time

a sign language course for babies and parents

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benefits of baby signing

communicate in a whole new way

Babies use their hands to communicate before they speak. They can point and wave, so why not add to their vocabulary?

Using sign language can help your baby communicate their needs even before they can speak. For toddlers it can help ease some of those tantrums that come from not being able to express their needs and it’s a fun new skill for you to learn together. Learn a new way to communicate with your child and have fun while doing it! Learn over 70 signs in one semester, and enjoy bonding with your baby by singing fun songs together.

Check out my interview in HelloZurich about this class and its amazing benefits. The class is recommended for kids from 4 months to 4 years old. If your child is younger or older, send me a message to see whether it might still be a good fit!

about baby signing time

Baby Signing Time was developed by Rachel Coleman in 2006. She found out that her own young daughter Leah was deaf and not only learned American Sign Language (ASL) herself, but taught Leah’s classmates and family so they could communicate with her. That turned into videos and songs to help children and their parents learn to communicate.

Baby Signing Time Classes are meant to be a fun way for parents to connect with their babies and meet other parents in the area. We will read stories and sing songs that will help us learn some signs. These basic signs can be used with your children at home to encourage communication.

course contents

Baby Signing Time is divided into two 4-week courses.

Signing Time 1 covers basic signs such as food and family that will be most useful at home. I recommend you take this class first.

Signing Time 2 covers other useful signs such as clothes and transportation signs. If the scheduling works out better for you to take this class first, that’s fine.

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dates & registration

There are no current class dates. Please contact me if you’re interested in this class!

LilyBee GmbH (Rosengartenstrasse 10, 8037 Zürich)

50 min class for 4 weeks

110 CHF (one child) or 135 CHF (2 children)

NEW: LilyBee will be hosting a similar baby signing course, TinyTalk Baby Signing, on Tuesdays 13:00-14:00 from March 5 to April 16, 2024. Click here for more info and registration.

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frequently asked questions

My child can already speak/has no trouble communicating. Is this class still for me?

Absolutely! While learning to use signs can definitely improve your child’s ability to communicate, it also adds another tool for them to use. Kids in my class who already speak with no problems still enjoy learning something new and are very proud of being able to reproduce the signs themselves.

Are the signs made up?

No, the class uses American Sign Language (ASL), which is a real language used by Deaf communities in the United States. While we do not cover grammar or the nuances of facial expressions that go with the language, the signs we use are real words.

What resources do we get to practice with at home?

Signing Time classes come with two complementary DVDs and download code for Baby Signing Time Episode 1. Sign along with Rachel Coleman and her adorable baby class to learn basic signs for everyday life.

Additional products are available either in class or in the online shop below. Products include videos (DVD or download), songs, books, flashcards, and more! Visit the LilyBee Signing Time Shop.

I’m interested in the course, but the times don’t work for me.

Please get in touch to see if we can schedule an upcoming class that fits with your schedule!

When do babies start to use sign language?

That depends, of course, on how often you show them and when you start. In my experience, babies can already make the first signs – for example, the sign for milk – when they are about eight months old. At this age, they often start to point to things consciously.


My daughter (20 months old) loves baby signing time and she is so proud of herself when she can say a word as well as sign it. Christine puts the classes together in a very fun way. We will be back for sure!

Keiryn A.

My 7 month old and I just finished the Baby Signing Time class. It was fun and we learned a lot together. I’m looking forward to signing up again! Christine does a wonderful job!

– Alexandra

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