Welcome! I’ve hidden a geocache for you to find. It should make for a nice outing with your Little One and the destination is worth knowing about too. If you’ve gotten to this page through the item in your postpartum basket, make sure you bring that trinket with you so you can trade it out for whatever is in the geocache. Once you find it, write your name in the log inside the geocache. Feel free to post a picture to social media and tag me @lilybeezurich so I can see that you found it!

Good luck!

47° 23’33.4288″ N, 8° 31′ 13.0141″ E


V yvxr gb jngpu gur jngre cnff orarngu zr nsgre n ovt fgbez.

Jura lbh chg zr onpx or fher gb gvr zr hc fb V fgnl qel.

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