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One month rental for CHF 55.-

Rent a TENS machine for pain management during labor. Choose your 38 week of pregnancy as the rental start date, and a rental period of up to 35 days. After your baby is born you can return the machine.

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A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine is a tool used for physical therapy and other pain management. In labor it has been shown to be useful when started in early labor, before the sensations get too intense.

The mild electrical impulses cause your body to release endorphins. It also works based on something called the “Gate Control Theory”. The theory basically says that there are only so many messages that can travel up the spinal cord at a time. By sending the low electrical impulses it restricts other sensations and thus diminishes the perception of pain. Think about when you hit your shin on the edge of the bed – you rub it vigorously with your hand and by doing so that touch sensation travels up to the brain faster than the sharp pain and therefore reduces the level of pain you perceive.

Rental includes an ElleTENS 2 machine, fresh batteries, cables, 2 sets of sealed pads, lanyard to wear it around your neck, belt clip to clip it onto something, and bag in which to transport it.

Download Digital Instruction Manual (pdf). You will also receive access to an online video describing when and how to use the TENS.

As the Rental Start Date, choose the date you will be 38 weeks pregnant. Once your baby has been born, send the machine back with all the parts it came with (excluding the used pads). Return shipping is paid by the client.


Does it matter which kind of TENS I use?

In short, yes. TENS can be very effective for various types of pain including muscle pain and post-surgery pain. The machines I use are specifically made for use in labor. This means that the pads are larger and cover a bigger surface and the default settings were carefully calculated with the sensations of labor in mind.

In addition, the ElleTENS 2 has a ‘boost’ function in which you press a button during a surge/contraction and then press it again when it is over. Between surges the machine emits electric impulses in waves. When you push the ‘boost’ button, it switches to constant impulses until you push again to indicate that the surge is over.

My hospital has a TENS unit, can’t I just use theirs?

Some hospitals do have TENS units which can be used during labor. TENS has been proven to be most effective when you start during early labor, before the sensations become too intense. With this in mind, it is most effective if you start at home before you get to the hospital.

Is TENS safe for me to use?

TENS is safe to use during labor with the following exceptions: it should not be used if you suffer from epilepsy, if you have a cardiac pacemaker or if you suffer from heart disease. It should not be used before the 37th week of pregnancy unless labor has already begun. TENS is not safe to use in the bath or shower and the pads shouldn’t be placed on your abdomen or on broken skin.

Will I need to take the TENS off during checkups while in labor?

The TENS can be left on while you travel to your birth place, during cervical checks, CTG monitoring and various birthing positions. You must take off the TENS before you come in contact with water (e.g. getting in the birth tub) but can put it on again after getting out and making sure your skin is clean and dry.

Why are two sets of pads included?

I include two sets of 4 pads in case you need them during labor. If you need to take the pads off, place them onto the backing on which they came so that you can reuse them as needed. Make sure that your back is clean and dry before placing the pads. If you find that the pads are no longer sticky or you accidentally drop one on the hospital floor, etc, you can use the second set of pads. Most people will not use two sets, you can send them back if they are unopened.

Do I need to clean the TENS before returning it?

No. Send your TENS back with all the parts it came with (except for used pads). You do not need to clean the machine or the various parts as I have a thorough disinfecting process that I will perform upon receipt of the machine.


1 review for Maternity TENS Machine

  1. 5 out of 5


    I had a long labour aggravated by several aggressive hormones to induce/speed up birth. I consider myself lucky to have crossed paths with Christine who recommended the use of TENS from our first conversation. I honestly do not know how and if I would have made it through the initial pain free medication hours without this wonder device. -Cristina P

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Choose your 38 week of pregnancy as the rental start date, and a rental period of up to 35 days. Once your baby has been born, send the machine back with all the parts it came with (excluding the used pads). Return shipping is paid by the client.