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Having a baby is one of the biggest life changes you can experience. Knowing what to expect during labor as well as after the baby is born can help ease your mind and help you prepare. Learn what your options are here in Switzerland and what resources are available to you.

Topics covered include pregnancy, anatomy, hormones, stages of labor, and pain management. The class also covers postpartum issues such as healing postpartum, postpartum mood disorders, relationship after baby, breastfeeding, and babywearing.

Research shows that women who have attended antenatal classes cope far better with the labor process than those who haven’t.

Ideally we would recommend course participation between the 26th and 36th week of pregnancy.

antenatal class topics

Anatomy of pregnancy

Stages of labor as experienced by the mother

How to recognize the onset of labor

Pain management techniques (medical and natural)

Birth Preferences


Postpartum: physical and mental changes

Postpartum resources


Babywearing (if time allows)

what you’ll get

Handouts about the stages of labor, types of contractions (including when to go to the hospital), tips for the support person, how to ease labor pain naturally, and a decision-making guide

Activity sheets to complete during class

Birth Preferences Sheet in English with German translations for your care provider

Postpartum Plan where you can fill in support people and important contacts

A Natural Pain Relief Checklist with 16 beautifully illustrated labor positions to try out at home

Course Types

Weekend Antenatal Class

I regularly offer a weekend course through the Hebammenpraxis Zürich (Nordstrasse 108, 8037 Zürich), for which basic insurance covers 150.- of the cost (380 CHF per couple).

Evening Antenatal Classes

Weekday evening classes (3 weeks from 6-9pm) are held on occasion here at LilyBee, currently on Mondays (390 CHF per couple).

Deep Dive Antenatal Weekend

Combine the content from an antenatal class with other workshops on breastfeeding, babywearing, infant care and postpartum issues, for comprehensive, empowering seminar. More details below. (997 CHF per couple)

Private Antenatal Class

If you would prefer a private class in person, contact me. The cost for a private class is 360 CHF and takes approximately 3 hours.

Online Antenatal Course

Our Childbirth Education Online Course contains much of the same material as the in-person classes in a convenient, go-at-your-own-pace format.

If you’re near Zurich, pair this with a “Comfort Measures for Labor” class for live, hands-on exercises to use during labor.

join us on 6–7 april 2024

Deep Dive Antenatal Weekend

Are you pregnant and want to get as much evidence-based information as you can from experts who are knowledgeable in their field?

Join us for a comprehensive weekend course that will cover labor, birth, and parenthood. We’ve gathered five amazing instructors who will guide you through what you need to know to feel fully prepared to welcome your Little One with confidence. The weekend will include catered breakfast, snacks, and lunch.

Signs that labor is starting, phases of labor and what you and your partner can do during each phase to promote comfort and calm

What your options are throughout labor, how (and why) to make a birth plan, and how to make decisions when needed

Relaxation techniques for a reflective and calm environment during birth

Learn everything you need to know about breastfeeding from an experienced lactation consultant 

Moms-only and dads-only workshops to talk about the significance of motherhood/fatherhood with other moms-/dads- to-be

Postpartum planning: what you need to know about bringing your baby home and what things you can put into place now to reduce stress and misunderstandings later

The benefits of babywearing, what options there are to carry your baby, and a chance to try them out for yourself 

Cooking class: we end the weekend with a fun cooking class that will result in you being able to take three of your own homemade, delicious dishes home to freeze for use after your baby has arrived

Embark on your parenting journey feeling informed, empowered, and supported. Spaces are limited.

Not sure if this is for you?

Book a free chat with me or send me an email.

dates & registration

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frequently asked questions

Is the class for couples or just moms?

The class is intended for couples. I will teach you some comfort measures that you and your partner can use during pregnancy and early labor as well as later stages when you’ve arrived at your birth place. If you don’t have a partner or they can’t make it, you are still very welcome to come alone.

The group classes are full, what can I do?

If you don’t see a class that has spots available before your due date, check out my online childbirth education course, or you can send me a message to arrange a private class in person.

I am having a cesarean, is this class still relevant?

If you are having a planned cesarean it can still be useful for you to learn about labor so that you know the signs of early labor and what to expect if you go into labor before your cesarean. The class also covers cesarean births including various options and considerations to ask your care provider about in advance. A large portion of the class covers postpartum topics such as mental health, physical recovery, relationships after baby, and breastfeeding which are all very relevant no matter how your baby arrives.

Is the class covered by my insurance?

When the course is taken through the Hebammenpraxis, Grundversicherung should cover 150.- of the course fees. You will receive a signed paper you can send in to your insurance to get reimbursed. Depending on what additional insurance you have, more of the class may be covered. If you’re not sure, contact your insurance provider.

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Great class packed with lots of information. Christine makes you feel really comfortable and not afraid to ask all the silly questions. I also loved the affirmation cards, very thoughtful 🙂

– Agata

Christine has the magical power to make you feel calm, safe and knowledgeable even though you are going through pregnancy for the first time. Highly recommend!

– Arianna

Whether you have read every baby-book there is, or have chosen to stay blissfully naive, the Antenatal crash-course was informative and offered a welcoming space to ask questions, talk to other expecting parents, and it provided many new topics to discuss/consider later regarding your birth-plan.

– Dana

Highly recommend Christine! She was very hands-on and delivered the class in an easily digestible manner.

– Jacqui

Amazing course for first time parents. Christine gave us loads of useful information and tips for us to be able to take the best decisions for ourselves and baby. She gives very objective information, so it’s then up to us to decide. Highly recommend her course for first time parents!

– Sophie

We did a Antenatal Class with Christine and we loved it. We got a lot of useful knowledge and feel well prepared for what will come.

– Julie

I can recommend the antenatal crash-course with Christine. We have recapped some of the basics and learned some new tips especially on contractions pain relief techniques and also the new reality of life with newborn. The course was well structured, had natural flow and all questions I had in my mind were answered.

– Martina

Christine’s antenatal class was professional and also empowering for woman and their partners. She shared a good knowledge of the topic and answered individually to all questions.

– Kathrin

Christine did a great job leading the course, which was a lot of info packed into a shorter amount of time. Great take-home materials and I loved the affirmation cards. Also nice to have a smaller class size for questions.

– Anonymous

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