Babywearing Consultations

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benefits of babywearing

Keep your baby close and your hands free

Babywearing has many advantages both for your child and for you. From a practical standpoint babywearing allows you to get things done around the house, cook, or read a book with both your hands free. At train stations you won’t be desperately searching for an elevator before your train leaves, and in shops you won’t worry about whether there are a couple steps leading in or whether the aisles are wide enough for your stroller.

More importantly, though, it is a huge advantage to your baby’s development. Proper carrying supports healthy hip and spine development, increases successful breastfeeding, decreases postpartum depression, and encourages closeness, attachment, and bonding.

tips for scheduling your babywearing consultation

Consultations take place at our new location at Rosengartenstrasse 10, 8037 Zürich. Home visits are also available by special arrangement for an additional fee by distance.

If possible, schedule a time when both parents can come to the consultation. If one parent is working, and grandma is interested in wearing the baby when she babysits, bring her instead! In the interest of time, two is the maximum number of people per consultation. If you’d like to bring more, please contact me so we can arrange something.

Make the appointment for a day when your baby does not have other appointments. Scheduling it after a doctor’s appointment or a morning playdate can be overwhelming for your little one and we want him to be relaxed as much as possible.

Don’t worry about her feeding schedule, you can feed and change your baby as needed throughout the consultation – we’re flexible!

Bring your baby. Ideally she would be wearing separate onesie and pants rather than pajamas with feet, as those can restrict movement in a wrap.

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consulting options

First-time consultation

120.- (1.5-2 hours)

Learn the theory behind babywearing, including important information about what to look for while carrying your baby so that he is well supported and comfortable. We will look at different wraps and carriers depending on your needs and preferences and the baby’s age. You will get a chance to practice the new techniques with a special weighted doll before trying it out with your baby. After the consultation you may rent one or more wraps or carriers to try out at home if you like.

Follow-up consultation

60.- / hour

Learn to carry on your back with a wrap or a carrier, experiment with different lengths or types of wraps, or bring your friend or partner to refresh and go over what you learned.

Pregnancy Consultation

175.- (1 hour before birth + 1.5 hours after baby arrives)

The first consultation takes place before the baby is here. We will go over different techniques and options so that you get a feel for what is out there. If you would like to wear your baby right away, this is a good chance to explore different types of wraps and carriers so you can make an informed decision about purchasing something in preparation for your baby’s arrival. You will learn the theory behind babywearing and what is important in carrying your baby in an ergonomically supportive way. We will practice with a special weighted doll and have plenty of time for questions.

After Baby is born, we will arrange a second consultation where Baby will come along. We will revisit what was learned in the first consultation and try these techniques out with your baby. We can make adjustments based on the baby’s preferences and your comfort.

Group Consultation

75.-/person (approx. 2 hours)

Book a session with a group of your friends. It works best if your babies are of a similar age and you are interested in learning about the same thing (back carrying, newborn babywearing, etc). Depending on what the topic is, group sizes can range from 2-4 people so that everyone gets sufficient feedback and help. If you are interested in a group class but don’t have a group in mind you would like to do it with, check out our events for group workshops you can sign up for. If you don’t see one with the topic you’re interested in, please get in touch and we’ll make something happen!

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frequently asked questions

I’m still pregnant, is it too early for a babywearing consultation?

Absolutely not! Pregnancy is the ideal time for a first consultation. We’ll discuss the theory and benefits of babywearing, the important safety concerns, and look at a wide variety of ways in which you can carry your baby. We’ll try out the ones you’re interested in and from there you can narrow down what you like and we’ll try them out once baby has arrived.

My baby is already __ months old, is it too late for a consultation?

Nope! Many people have one thing that has worked so far but is starting to get uncomfortable as the baby gets bigger and heavier. We can look at different options and you can try out what works best for you. Or maybe your baby is starting to get curious and wants to look around, but you’ve heard that you’re not supposed to face them forward. We can look at what is most comfortable and safe and find an alternative that suits you and your baby.

Can’t I just watch a YouTube video and save myself the money?

YouTube has a wealth of information and there are great videos on babywearing, some even made by babywearing schools. This is a great resource and I encourage you to use them and play with different variations on how to tie your wrap or fun ‘finishes’ (what you do with the tails of the wrap).

The benefit of an in-person consultation is that we can go over why certain things are important and what to watch out for— that way you can later try out new things and apply what you know to make sure it’s safe and supports your baby properly. It’s also nice to have a set of eyes to watch you practice and point out tips and improvements as you go rather than getting to the end and finding that something isn’t quite right and you’re not sure why.

Will you try to sell me a product?

The goal of the consultation is educational, not commercial. I don’t sell baby carriers and wraps, though I do rent them out as a cost-saving convenience for those who so desire. If you already have one, please bring it to the consultation. If it’s not ideal we can look at ways to ‘hack’ it and make it work as well as trying other things.

Can I get a gift certificate for an expectant or new mom?

Yes! A babywearing consultation is a unique and very useful gift for a new mom. Giving her confidence that she is carrying her baby safely and the chance to have her hands free while still comforting her baby is a great gift. Gift certificates are available here.

Is babywearing for dads too, or just moms?

Babywearing can be extremely comforting for the baby. Babywearing has even been called “breastfeeding for dads” – it’s something that dads absolutely can do to help settle their babies and bond with them.

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