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Potty Learning: A Gentle Parenting Approach


Learn to potty train your child in this 45-minute video course.

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This 45-minute class will cover what you need to know about potty learning with your baby or toddler from a gentle parenting perspective. The approach is respectful and child-led and does not including shaming the child for accidents. We will discuss the history of potty training, various methods used to teach children how to use the bathroom, and the problem with the classic “Readiness Method”. You will get practical tips on how to choose a potty, how to prepare before you begin in order to maximize your child’s chances of success, and how to keep up with potty learning when you’re out and about. Tips are included for nights and naps, working parents, and how to handle potential challenges along the way.

*A PDF handout with tips and reminders is included.


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