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Childbirth / Antenatal class handouts and activities

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For an empowered birth experience and beyond

Having a baby is one of the biggest life changes you can experience. Knowing what to expect during labor as well as after the baby is born can help ease your mind and help you prepare. Learn what your options are here in Switzerland and what resources are available to you.

This antenatal class is divided into four 2-hour sessions. Topics covered include pregnancy, anatomy, hormones, stages of labor, and pain management. The class also covers postpartum issues such as healing postpartum, postpartum mood disorders, relationship after baby, breastfeeding, and babywearing.

Research shows that women who have attended antenatal classes cope far better with the labor process than those who haven’t.

Ideally we would recommend course participation between the 26th and 36th week of pregnancy.

Antenatal class topics

We will discuss:

Changes to your body during pregnancy
The role of various hormones in your body before, during and after birth
Anatomy of pregnancy
Stages of labor from the baby’s perspective
Stages of labor as experienced by the mother
Tips for the Support Person
How to recognize the onset of labor
Pain Management techniques: Medical and Natural
Birth Preferences
Postpartum: physical and mental changes
Postpartum Resources


When you register for the class, you will be sent a packet with:

Handouts about the stages of labor, types of contractions (including when to go to the hospital), tips for the support person, how to ease labor pain naturally, and a decision-making guide
Activity sheets to complete during class
Birth Preferences Sheet in English with German translations for your care provider
Postpartum Plan where you can fill in support people and important contacts
A Natural Pain Relief Checklist with 16 beautifully illustrated labor positions to try out at home
Affirmation Cards with encouraging phrases that can be used during labor
Antenatal class packet1

Vorgesehene Kurse

Current classes on offer through the Hebammenpraxis are listed below. Basic insurance covers 150.- of the cost.

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If you would prefer a private class in person, contact me. The cost for a private class is 360 CHF and takes approximately 3 hours.

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