Kookoobany Kozipizi Review

I’m very happy to announce that LilyBee has started a collaboration with Kookoobany in support of their new product, the Kozipizi. It’s a warm wollwalk overall lined with cotton that has zippers not only down the front but also down the sleeves.

This is a simple but genius solution to the problem many parents have when they bring their babies in from the cold and don’t want them to overheat inside. You want to remove a layer or at least open it up, but getting those little fingers and arms out of the sleeves is nearly impossible to do without waking the baby. They’ve also gone to great care on details such as making sure that the zippers are not touching the baby’s skin.

Kookoobany was started by Safy, a mom in Switzerland, together with her partner Achim. They had young twins and wanted a way to keep them warm but also be able to unpack them once they got inside without waking them up. This video shows you how easy it is getting baby in and out.

Why Kozipizi is great for babywearing in winter

When you are wearing your baby in a sling or carrier in the winter, it’s hard to know how to dress them to keep them warm enough. There are babywearing coats and covers that you can put on over the carrier which work very well. But if you don’t have those or if you’re in the mountains and you need an extra layer, many people will put their babies in a snowsuit, which isn’t ideal.

The reason that snowsuits aren’t ideal is because they work because the suit is puffed up to keep the baby warm. When you position your baby properly in a sling with their legs supported from one knee to the other, this can cut off the suit at the baby’s knee, leaving their legs cold. Babies are also much harder to position properly when they’re so puffy. Just like you don’t put puffy coats or snowsuits on your child in a car seat, I wouldn’t recommend it for a sling or carrier.

Rather than the puffy material of snowsuits, Kozipizi is made from Wollwalk (washed and felted wool), which is quite popular among moms in Switzerland and for good reason. It’s very warm but also breathable and much thinner than a snowsuit. This allows you to see your baby’s position in the carrier and it keeps them warm. The material can be a bit scratchy, which is why Kookoobany has lined the overalls with a soft cotton.

Try the Kozipizi for yourself

I’m happy to announce that I now have some of these Kozipizi overalls available for rent in my sling library collection, in addition to many other slings and carriers.

Would you rather buy one? You can do that here and use coupon code Lilybee10 to get 10% off your order.

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Christine Bliven is a certified doula, childbirth educator, and babywearing consultant who is passionate about helping new families get a good start by providing resources, tools, and practical tips. She lives in Zürich, Switzerland with her husband and three kids.

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