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New parents are targeted with so many things that they should buy for their babies, it can be intimidating. It can also get pretty wasteful. Babies grow out of clothes and toys and strollers and then you’re stuck listing them on sales pages or gifting them on to others. Both of those are great options if you have the time to post it or are willing to give it away for free. Recently there are options popping up that try to give parents a more sustainable solution – renting. There are lots of things you can rent instead of buy, and strollers are one of them.

Girls in Bugaboo Bee

Loopi is a Swiss company that has created subscriptions where you can rent a stroller/pram rather than buying one (or two or three). If you were renting a stroller and then add another baby to your family, for example, you can switch your subscription to the double stroller or add a board/seat for big brother/sister. If you decide you need something with bigger wheels for jogging, a travel cot for your upcoming trip, or a bicycle trailer, Loopi has those as well.

With a Loopi subscription the stroller is delivered to your doorstep in a box. When you’re ready to switch to a different stroller, you return the one you have in the same box and it will be picked up from your doorstep on the agreed-upon day. There are instructions in the box and it was very simple to get it set up.

We tested out the Bugaboo Bee and it is very maneuverable. The handlebar is adjustable such that it was comfortable for me as well as my 5-year old to push.

If you’d like to give it a try you can use the code CHRISTINE to get your first month free at https://www.loopi.ch/en.

*I did not get paid to write this article and do not get kickbacks from your subscriptions.

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Christine Bliven is a certified doula, childbirth educator, and babywearing consultant who is passionate about helping new families get a good start by providing resources, tools, and practical tips. She lives in Zürich, Switzerland with her husband and three kids.

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